Easter lilies 3


  EASTER Ashes, Agony, Accusation Beaten and Bleeding, asked to Bear the Crown of Thorns, the Cross, the Crucifixion Darkness, Desertion and Despair. Easter Friday – and then the prayer “Father forgive them.” Golgotha – the Hill, the Hell – where Innocence ignored Justice denied – the King of Jews was crucified... Read More



RESURRECTION: By Sylvia Mountain Resurrection, restored relationships, Easter comes with hope. Surrendering to God’s Spirit, and Uniting in blessed love. Redemption made possible, by Responding to the call, Enlightenment has happened, Compassion by us all. Transformed by Christ’s message, Integrated into God’s... Read More


Let Love be your Guide

It’s Maundy Thursday. So what on earth is a Maundy? It probably comes from the first word in the Latin translation of John 13:34, mandatum, which means commandment. In John 13, that word is used to speak of “the new commandment” Jesus gives to his disciples. The disciples won’t follow Jesus to his death so they... Read More

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Reconciliation (a poem)

Sharing a poem that we have been reflecting on as part of our Lenten reconciliation conversations. Grateful for the resilience and strength of the circle of life! RECONCILIATION (poem by Rebeka Tabobondung) We are waking up to our history from a forced slumber We are breathing it into our lungs so it will be part... Read More


The Unexpected Gift of Memorizing a Prayer

By Elaine Chatwin So, it’s Friday today and I’m two days home from our winter vacation. I was wondering how I would stay connected with Lent while we travelled. I prepared a few goals before leaving home and did manage to achieve most of them. One of my goals was to finish memorizing a translation of the Prayer of... Read More


The Kingdom of God

Throughout the Gospel of Mark Jesus speaks to his disciples, to the religious scribes, and to the crowds about the kingdom of God. Even though Mark presents Jesus as being secretive about his identity, he also has him speaking openly about his radical mission to see the world changed. This was a mission that... Read More


Passion for Jesus and Compassion for People

“Passion for Jesus and Compassion for People” was the mission statement of a church I helped to plant in Edmonton. This mission was a concise expression of the kind of person I most wanted to be in my late teens and early twenties. In everything I did, and in every way I expressed myself, I sought to communicate... Read More



 Reconciliation is in the wind, a wind that is heralding change across the country. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) opened hearts and minds, inspired a growing movement to repair the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada, and provided 94 Calls to Action to guide us.... Read More


Looking a Little Bit Deeper During this Lenten time, I have been increasingly drawn to looking more deeply at the details of residential schools throughout Canada. I have been challenging myself to listen to survivor... Read More


Your Hands

This is one of my favorite contemporary Christian songs. It talks of God’s faithfulness and healing power in our lives. Here’s a breakdown of the lyrics with a few comments from me: I have unanswered prayers I have trouble I wish wasn't there And I have asked a thousand ways That you would take my pain away You... Read More