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Starfish Pack Program

Starfish Pack Program supplies food over weekends to kids who would otherwise come to school on Monday hungry. It is a known fact that hungry kids don’t learn well.  We have been collaborating with the Langley School District Foundation and their slogan is “Food for Thought”.

Did you know that 3000 school kids in Langley School District do not get breakfast, lunch or dinner on the weekend?  The Starfish Pack Program was named after the well-known Parable of the Starfish, which illustrates the importance of helping even just one life in need. Please visit for detailed information about this program

Our first Starfish backpacks, 21 in total, were delivered October 9, 2015, in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, to children of the Wix-Brown and Coghlan Elementary Schools in Langley. Since Fall the program has been expanded and now includes Blacklock Elementary School. The first backpacks were delivered there on March 31, 2016.

We are now working with the schools and the Langley School District Foundation in an effort to provide provisions for the students over the summer months.  

The support for this program has been very much appreciated and further donations are always welcome.  

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