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United Churches of Langley is a thriving congregation that is vital to the community, alive as followers of Jesus Christ, and sustainable for the future. We are also an affirming congregation. Our Music Team perform their roles in alignment with this mission, bringing music leadership to worship and community activities.

The position of Church Musician is in team ministry, working as equals with the paid Choir Leader, and in collaboration with the Ministers. This position is accountable to the Board through the Ministry and Personnel Committee of United Churches of Langley.

Key Roles:

The role of the Church Musician of United Churches of Langley shall be to work in team ministry with the Choir Leader to:

  1. Provide worship leadership through musical accompaniment for the congregation, including Sunday morning worship services and such other worship services as may be required.
  2. Work with Ministers to plan worship services and select music.
  3. Coordinate and support other musicians and vocalists for worship, special services and events.
  4. Provide musical accompaniment for weddings and memorials (additional fees paid for these services).

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. To provide musical accompaniment for weekly Sunday worship services.
  2. To provide musical accompaniment for special services, events and church-related functions.
  3. To assist in planning for and provide musical accompaniment for the weekly adult choir practice(s) September through June.
  4. To work with Ministers and others to select music for worship (hymns, anthems, prelude, postlude, special musical offerings). This includes reviewing themes, exploring scripture, and researching and selecting music that is suitable to accompany the lectionary themes. (Includes one all-music Sunday worship service per year).
  5. To encourage and coordinate other musicians and vocalists of all ages within the congregation to participate in worship and share their talents.
  6. To coordinate guest musicians for regular and special worship services as required.
  7. Create a dynamic, growing music ministry that involves people of all ages.
  8. To assist with musical entertainment for social activities of the congregation.
  9. To encourage and support the production of special music events that further develop a sense of community and enhance the profile of United Churches of Langley in the wider community.

Qualities Desired for this Position:

Creativity and imagination, flexibility and vitality. An understanding of the sacred, connection with the Christian faith, and passion for sacred music of all kinds.

Skills Required for this Position:

  1. Mastery in playing piano/keyboard as accompaniment to congregational (group) singing, soloists, and choir.
  2. Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team.
  3. Understanding of music as worship.
  4. Ability to play a variety of musical genres.
  5. Understanding of United Church theology and music or willingness to learn.
  6. A commitment to the use of inclusive language and progressive theology.

Useful Skills for this Position:

  1. Knowledge of multiple instruments beyond piano.
  2. Knowledge of musical arranging, scoring and creating chord charts.
  3. Experience as a church musician.
  4. Choir conducting.

Terms of Employment:

  1. Can begin as early as January 1, 2019.
  2. Part-time position.
  3. Remuneration for these services to be agreed upon by the Employee and the Ministry and Personnel Committee, and subject to approval of the Board of United Churches of Langley.
  4. To co-ordinate vacation replacement with the Choir Leader.