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***Suspended until further notice***


Contemplative Worship restarted in the Sharon Chapel the first Sunday of June 2020, after two and a half months of being suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we are aiming to have our in-person church activities in a safest possible way, our gatherings on Sundays at 9 am for Contemplative worship now look a bit different. Only 12 people maximum are able to gather in the Sharon Chapel for now.  Physical distancing has been maintained at all times, and everyone is asked to use a hand sanitizer upon entry, among other measures that we are implementing. 

Please let Nancy Wolchok or the church office know if you are planning to attend. Once the capacity of 12 is filled, no more people will be able to join that morning.

In this small service, we say prayers, listen to some meditative music and read a short passage from the Scriptures. The heart of our gathering is a 20 minute of silent meditation. This worship opportunity allows us to simply rest in God and to listen for the Spirit.