Breakfast is served at Nicomekl Elementary School every school day by a dedicated band of volunteers.  This worthwhile program starts the day well for those children who, for any number of reasons, don’t eat before coming to school.  However, any child is welcome to come for breakfast. We have an average of 30 kids each school morning to whom we serve a variety of menu items, including bagels and toppings, our version of McMuffins, cereal, fruit and juice. 

The breakfast program at Nicomekl is funded by donations from United Churches of Langley, The Breakfast Club of Canada and individual citizens. 

We want to invite anyone in our congregation and the wider community who would like to help out financially to consider making a small regular contribution to “feed the kids”. As in the song from Mary Poppins, if a few of us have ‘tuppence’ to spare, it would be helpful and much appreciated.

The school has noticed that the Breakfast Program helps students with their daily learning challenges, and is continually seeking ways to feed the children healthy, nutritional food.

Please contact Maureen Burgess by filling out the form below if you would like to help the Nicomekl Breakfast Program by donating money or time. 

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