Anti-Black Racism continues

Broadview magazine published an article called, "What I Need from White People". It was written by Adele Halliday, a Black Canadian anti-racism educator and General Council Office staff person. And it was in response to the murder of George Floyd. 

As we end Black History Month, we are reminded by Halliday, "Please keep doing this work long after the current display of anti-Black racism has faded from the news cycle and our social media feeds. ...Please. Do something, for God’s sake. For all our sakes."

Queer History is Black History

Queer history, like most facets of history, heavily involves people of color and their experiences. To go along with the theme of black history month, this post will not be answering any questions. Instead, Read More


They is Valid
Pronoun Usage Throughout History

I often find that history has very interesting things to teach us. It might reveal ancient familial ties we never knew existed. Or maybe that the actual inventor of the printing press is not who our grade 4 teacher said they were. But one unusual thing history can also teach us is Read More

Nicomekl Lunch Program

The Nicomekl Lunch Program is looking for more volunteers. There is a greater need for lunches to be made for children who do not have lunches on a regular basis. To learn more or to volunteer, please phone Lilianne at 604-290-8396 or email her at

Gender, Identity, & Queerness

If you could ask questions about gender, identity, or queerness in general, what would it be? Elisabeth will be joining us for this semester and they will be answering our questions. What would you want to ask? Email your questions to

Ethnicity & Racial Identity Workshop

Starting Sat Feb 27, we will be running a workshop on Ethnicity & Racial Identity. What kinds of questions would you like to see addressed at the workshop?

Collecting donations of egg cartons, glasses, & aluminum

We're collecting donations of egg cartons (all types and sizes), glasses (all kinds including sunglasses & prescription glasses), & aluminum (pie plates, casseroles, etc.)

Collecting Mitten "Tree" Donations

We're collecting donations of socks, scarves, hats/toques, and gloves for people in need this winter. This year we are asking you to drop off your donations in the gift box outside the main entrance of the building at your convenience.

Anti-Diet Movement, Fat Acceptance, & Body Positivity

Join me as I have an open conversation with Stacey as she shares her passion about the Anti-Diet Movement, Fat Acceptance, & Body Positivity

Being Transgender: Questions and Answers

Join me as I have a candid conversation with my friend about her journey. She has an amazing story to share.

Meet the Social Justice Program Facilitator

Hello friends! I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Social Justice Program Facilitator.... Read more