United Churches of Langley is blessed to have hired two ministers in team ministry, Rev. Hilde J. Seal and Rev. Sophia Ducey.

Both value the importance of faith formation and spiritual engagement at all ages, seeking the Holy in the ordinary and in spiritual play, so they are delighted to partner with each other in their playful form of ministry. 

United Churches of Langley is excited to support this dynamic team ministry, so that all ages are nurtured and respected with equal importance. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

At United Churches of Langley we are moving forward with hearts open to the light of the Christ, which surrounds us and is in us.  The journey is ours, the Mission is God’s and together we are discovering how to be a part of what God is already doing.  We welcome you to join us on the adventure. 

Weaving a faith that matters…may the Spirit stir us on!    

At United Churches of Langley, we live out an inclusive theology and a passion for the love of God revealed in the Christ and in community. 

At United Churches of Langley, everyone is welcome and included.

We are a progressive Christian community made up of people of all ages who believe in a God who loves diversity. So, we do our best to welcome diversity, believing that everyone is necessary.

At United Churches of Langley, we believe God is calling us to do something special. We are called to be active in the wider community - around Langley and throughout the world.

We want to break down barriers between people.  We are inspired to express our faith through action.

At United Churches of Langley, we listen for the Spirit ‘poured out’ on God’s people.  

We believe that the One who created this beautiful, crazy world is able to bring the reconciliation, wholeness and fullness of life to it that so many long for. We listen for the voice of God as individuals and as a community.  We believe that listening makes room for the Spirit to work in a changing world.

We respond to the Spirit. 

We want to speak out and bring life.  We want to mend the world and bring wholeness to the broken places.  We are flexible, creative and experimental, hoping to participate in the emergence of new life. We believe in a Creator who longs to love us into what we are intended to become.

At United Chuches of Langley, we believe in practicing sustainability.

We are committed to contributing more than we take away. We want to give back more than we consume.