A Noticeable SHIFT

So much of life has shifted, and is shifting. Our culture is—or more accurately, our cultures are—moving in multiple directions simultaneously. It’s difficult to keep track of it at any scale, large or small. Produced in our little corner of the world in Langley, BC, Canada, the Shift podcast and AWE (Alternative Worship Experiences) and Gatherings with food, friends, conversation & music, are our efforts to make sense of it all. Or, some of it at least. 

Jazz AWE intertwines amazing jazz music selections with readings & reflections on relevant topics and themes for our time & place - led by our ministers and the Shift ministry leaders, featuring a variety of guest musicians.

SHIFT AWE are gatherings for those who are questioning and shifting in their beliefs and values and want to be in community of musicians and friends to explore these shifts in our lives and in the world. 

SHIFTpodcast.ca is an emerging initiative that takes on topics like death, belonging, imagination, faith, science, and so much more.  They are intended for conversation starters, not answer givers…. We hope you’ll join the conversation!

For more information about our SHIFT and AWE ministries, email Sophia