Tax Benefits of Donating

Our donations are invaluable in supporting our many outreach ministries. Remember that your gift results in a tax credit. To find out how much of your donated amount will be returned to you, use the charitable donations tax credit calculator at CRA website and explore information at Giving Costs Less Than You Think page.   

Financial Contributions

We accept donations in the following ways:

    • Bring your gift to a Sunday service and place it in the offering basket.
    • Mail your gift directly to the church. 

Designating Your Gift

When giving a financial gift, it is best to designate your offering to a specific ministry category at UCoL. You can do this by writing the category on the memo line of your cheque or by using a giving envelope and putting the amount you would like to give on the appropriate ministry category line.

The following is a list of commonly used ministry categories:

  • The General Fund - supports all of the ministries and operations of UCoL (such as small groups, children's ministries, staffing, building maintenance, etc.)
  • Mission & Service Fund - supports local and international missions and outreach programs. 
  • Sources Langley Food Bank - enables equal access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food from local sustainable food sources - what we call food security. 
  • Nicomekl Breakfast Program - provides breakfast for children at Nicomekl Elementary School every school day
  • Starfish Pack Programsupplies food over weekends to kids who would otherwise come to school on Monday hungry.
  • Christmas Hampers - provides food and Christmas gifts for underprivileged families to help them enjoy a better Christmas.