Introducing the Affirm United Team

The purpose of an Affirming Ministry team is to educate the congregation on how to support Queer people and other minorities, to discern with the congregation if it wishes to become an officially Affirming Ministry ...Read More

Am I safe here?

I’m Queer. Will I be safe at United Churches of Langley?

"...This is the church that I’ve found in Langley where Queer people are welcome not only to sit in the pews and hide, but to openly participate in leadership as our whole selves.” Bex O

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How to be an ally

Here are some resources you can visit to learn more about our community.

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On Tolerance and Safety

We are a community of inclusion and a people of welcome. We understand that in congregations like ours who hold their dogmas loosely and their community tightly, there is still a chance for mistakes to be made. Interpersonal dialogue can be a site of just such mistakes.

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Why "Queer" instead of "LGBTQ+"?

Queer is becoming more and more common in the community to describe one’s identity. There are a wide range of gender identity and sexual orientation options, and one person can identify as several or fluctuate between a few

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