United Churches of Langley appreciates a willingness to learn and to welcome the Queer community more fully!  Here are some resources you can visit to learn more about the Queer community.

Gender, Identity & Queerness

Elisabeth spent a semester with UCoL as a practicum student in January 2021. They answered some of your questions about gender and sexuality! Find their blogs in the Queer Community and Social Justice and Outreach blog sections of this website. 

Love Intersections films

This engaging series of 6 short videos gives an inside picture of some of the struggles Queer people face in our society. ...Watch More

Genderbread Person
What's the difference between sex, gender and sexual orientation? This graphic explains.

The Genderbread Person

Pride Flags
There are lots of flags for the many different identities.  Here’s a guide!


Guide to Every Queer Pride Flag
Queer Terminology
from A to Q - a resource from QMUNITY

All those new words! Here are many of them - if your new queer friend uses one, you can make a note to look it up here later!

Guide to Queer Terminology
Questions to avoid

Every minority community has questions that are often asked. In the Queer community, the questions to avoid asking are: who are you sleeping with? (this can be an unintentional effect of asking “are you partners?”) and, what is in your pants? (this can be couched in questions such as “are you a man or a woman?”). It’s okay to ask anyone what their pronouns are! It’s also okay, if you overhear these questions being asked, to jump in and remind those asking that this is not a polite question.

For more information on why these types of questions are a problem, click below.

On Tolerance and Safety