The Season of Lent

As we enter the season of Lent, you might move back in your memories to this being a time to give up something. I would rather encourage you to add something to your life during this season before Easter. Take a short walk every week and give thanks for the wonders of creation; send an email a day, to a person you admire and tell them so; drop by a friend’s house with a tea bag and your favourite poem to share.

Throughout the Sundays of Lent, our Worship theme will be Prayer. Our children and youth will also have prayer as their focus.  At the same time, we will be highlighting the various streams from the Theological Banquet we were introduced to last November when Janet Gear gave a workshop: Ecclesial, Ecumenical, Missional, Evangelical and Spiritual. Remember that faith is the grounding element and how we live out our faith is our theological expression. May the Spirit guide our journey through Lent to Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then to the celebration of Easter.