We are so glad you have decided to visit us! We know that choosing the right church for you and your family is a tough decision. That’s why we want to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

We have found that even after almost seven years of being a regional church with two worshipping locations, people are still sometimes confused as to who we are and where we are!

We are located in an area called Murrayville in Langley as well as in Fort Langley. Worship is held on Sunday mornings at 9 am in Fort Langley at 9025 Glover Road, and at 10:30 am in Murrayville at 21562 Old Yale Road. Our 10:30 am worship service includes programming for children and youth ages 3-18, and parents with infants and toddlers are always welcome! In addition, there is a Contemplative Service at 9:00 am at our Murrayville location.

Throughout the week, there are various ways that we gather together: meditation, art, yoga, social groups, men's and women's groups, youth groups, outreach projects, etc.  Click on the Events and Ministries buttons above to learn more about these ways to connect.

We hope you'll come by for a visit. If you'd like to chat with a minister to find out more or receive some support, please send a message to Rev. Hilde Seal or Rev. Sophia Ducey and we'll be in touch! 

We love to hear from you and see you soon!

For more details please check our FAQ page.