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At United Churches of Langley, we have six 'Working Bears'.  These well-trained bears visit at the hospital and in people's homes.  When not working they hang out in the Sanctuary, listening to hymns and prayers and are hugged by wonderful people of all ages, which they share with the folks they visit. 

Presently one of the working bears is visiting in the rehab area of Langley Memorial Hospital.  The following is a poem that was written celebrating the great job that Andy is doing.  


Just a Little Message from Drena and Andy

My new friend is Andy
A sweet Teddy Bear,
Who was sent from UCOL
To show that they care.

He sits on my pillow making everyone smile;
A pause in their day
To rest their minds for awhile.

At nights so long he comforts me most,
Holding my arm at rest on his soft little tummy.
His beady black eyes make me laugh a lot
So serious looking... he is seriously funny.

He shares the dark,
The interruptions he calms,
His sweet little face soothes like a balm.

All the prayers, calls, cookies and cards
Certainly, show that you care,
But mostly thank you all
For my friend Andy the Bear.