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Ashes, Agony, Accusation

Beaten and Bleeding, asked to Bear the

Crown of Thorns, the Cross, the Crucifixion

Darkness, Desertion and Despair.

Easter Friday – and then the prayer

Father forgive them.”

Golgotha – the

Hill, the Hell – where

Innocence ignored

Justice denied – the

King of Jews was crucified

Lonely and Lost – it wasn’t the same.

Mary and the others silently came

Nervous were they only to find – an

Open tomb and an angel stood there

Prayerfully they asked, “The body if Jesus, where oh, where?”

Quietly, the angel said “Why look for the Living amongst the Dead?”

Rejoicing, Rejoicing, the Resurrection. The

Saviour is risen!!



Victorious – a

Winner – who, Low and Behold

eXtended Light and Love – to the

Young and the Old – and continues to lead, no need to roam – to

Zion, our Everlasting, Spiritual Home.

—Edna Marynowski