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Easter is more than a date on the calendar or part of a long weekend.  The origins of Easter date to the beginnings of Christianity, and it is likely the oldest Christian observance after the Sabbath.  It is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the season of New Life. 

It is about the transformation of this world. Jesus was killed because of his passion for a different kind of world. Easter is about God’s “Yes” to what we see in Jesus. Easter is not about believing in a spectacular long-ago event, but about participating in what we see in Jesus today. Crucifixion and the tomb didn’t stop him. Easter is about saying “Yes” to the passion of Jesus. Jesus is still among us, inviting us to follow, inviting us to transform the world with kindness, gentleness and justice.  Here at United Churches of Langley, we are learning to say “Yes”!