1. SPIRITUAL NURTURE, GROWTH IN CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP We pay attention to our body’s need for food & exercise and our heart’s need for love & friendship. Participation in a UCoL Small Group helps you care for your spirit’s need for a sense of purpose and meaningful engagement with life’s big questions. 

2. FRIENDSHIP & LAUGHTER We care for and love one another more deeply when we take time to build significant relationships. In your Small Group, you aren’t just a face in a crowd; you’re part of a group who cares, understands, and encourages you as you walk through life.

3. PARTICIPATION & ACCOUNTABILITY In your Small Group you can discuss, question, and learn along with others who are also seeking to know and follow Jesus. Together, you will explore and share the journey and find your way into engaging life in ways that matter to you. 

4. PRAYER Learning to pray is a wonderful thing, and it is a gift to be prayed for by people who care about what you’re going through. Small Groups are places to carry one another’s burdens in prayer and to pray for God’s kingdom and ministry. 

5. SERVICE The Christian life is not one of consumption, but of service. Small Groups are places to encourage and strengthen each other to use the gifts that God has given us in service of those beyond ourselves.