“Spirit Academy” for Children & Youth Ages 3-12: Sundays, 10:30am  

Spirit Academy meets weekly to nurture in our children the awareness of the presence of God within them, within others, between all beings, and all around them.

We currently serve children ages 3-12, separated into groups ages 3-9 and 10-12. The program uses stories, games, music, spiritual practices and other fun activities to teach them to live lives empowered by the Spirit.  

Our Facilitators  

Spirit Academy is coordinated by Rev. Sophia Ducey and facilitated by Brendan Wanderer, Deanna Feuer and volunteers. We welcome anyone interested in sharing your gifts - a hobby, a passion, reading a book or just being a support to the facilitators in the gathering space. It is a great way to learn and grow and be a part of a ministry that has a direct impact on young people of our church and community. Contact Sophia@UcoL.ca for details.  

Sample Day in Spirit Academy  

The children begin their Sunday time in the sanctuary with the congregation. They participate in the opening songs and prayers and then are invited by Rev. Sophia and Rev. Hilde to participate in a spiritual reflection or story. The children are then sung out with a blessing to venture downstairs to Spirit Academy.  

Gathering Time: We gather downstairs by age group (3-9 and 10-12). During gathering time, we create a sacred atmosphere through sharing and establishing common guidelines for the group.  

Prayer: We then open with a prayer about the topic for the day. A leader says the prayer and everyone repeat.  

Story/Lesson Time:  Each week we have a lesson prepared that usually includes a story or creative expression of the ideas for the week. We feature special topics each month including prayer, sharing our planet in a sustainable way with all beings, peace, personal empowerment and positive thinking.

Cooperative Game/Song/Dance Activity: We believe in a full experience – Mind-Body-Spirit. We find some creative way to fully em-body the ideas of the day through art, music, or cooperative games.  

Community Snack Time: After our group time, we join the adults of the congregation for “snack” and conversation! If we have harvested vegetables from our community garden, we bring up our harvest to share!