We are Family!

Since Christmas, we have become even more known as a place of welcome for families of all types - families with two parents - moms & dad, two moms or two dads, single-family parents, parents with LGBQT2+ kids, and extended families living and learning together. We have been designated as "Safe-Space" by the RCMP - a place where anyone can come in, and find a place of welcome and a telephone to call for help if they are feeling unsafe on the streets of Langley due to their gender and sexual identity and expression.

We are commited to providing programs and ministry for people of all ages. Worship is a multi-generational experience where elders and babes come together to sing, pray, and play together in worshiping God.

Plans are underway to offer parenting programs and support for families of all kinds. We will offer these programs in partnership with local therapists, churches and Montessori schools.

Also - keep an eye out for Parent-and-Tot gatherings with coffee, conversation, activities and even Zumbini (musical play).

Contact Sophia Ducey, Minister of Children, Families, Youth, Young Adults and Communications for details.