Early this year, 2020, United Churches of Langley started offering a new worshipful experience: JAZZ VESPERS! They usually take place in the Murrayville Sanctuary on the third Sunday of the month, from 4-5 pm.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our Jazz Vespers moved online. After a break in August and September 2020, the first Jazz Vespers of the Fall will be taking place on Sunday, October 18, online.

Jazz vespers, as a concept worship service and as an outreach ministry, began in New York City in the 1960s. Pastor John Gensel of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in New York City befriended the city’s musicians and designed a service of prayer and jazz for folks who couldn’t make it to Sunday morning services after playing late-night gigs on Saturday night. In this tradition, today’s jazz vespers services are often formulated for those not necessarily comfortable in a regular church service.

(By Ron Rienstra at www.reformedworship.org)

In our jazz vespers services, musical selections alternate with prayers, readings and meditations led by our ministers. Through these elements, we walk through an ancient service of prayer (vespers) in a creative and informal way. Rev Hilde and Rev Sophia draw freely from a variety of sources for thematic inspiration (not necessarily liturgical!). The musical selections cover a range of jazz styles – traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, and big band jazz – performed by up-and-coming and established local jazz musicians.

A voluntary offering is collected during the service (suggested donation of $10.00 per person) to help support this new ministry. Refreshments and fellowship will follow each jazz vespers.

You will return home relaxed, uplifted, inspired, and ready to start a new week - a delightful way to spend a Sunday evening.