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Let Hope find me.

Let Hope find you.

Let Hope find us. 


Holy One, we are beginning a new year.

We are waiting and preparing for the birth of Love once again in this world.

The future is a mystery.

Come to us. Find us. Be with us.

Fill us with your Hope this Advent.


A time to be still

Take a moment to be still and light a candle:

The light of Hope.

May Hope find you.


A time to pray together

We pray for all of humankind. That the homeless find shelter, that the hungry find food, that the lonely find friendship, that the sick find health, and that we find ways to help these things to happen.

Hope, come and find us all!

May the God of Hope hear our prayers and help us be the people of Hope. Amen


Hope this week

Each evening after your supper draw a picture of something in the world you have Hope for: hope for a friend to feel better, hope for a country to have peace, hope for your neighbourhood to be safe. Put all your drawings up in a special place together. These are your prayers for Hope.


Inspiration for some of the text comes from the online resource Way to Lead (