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Let Peace find me.

Let Peace find you.

Let Peace find us. 


Holy One, the pressure is on.

Some of us run to keep up with special events - concerts, parties, plays and people. While others in the world run to find safety and security.

Your world cries out in un-peace.

This Advent, give us strength to walk in peace, to make peace, to be peace.

Come to us. Find us. Be with us.

Fill us with your Peace this Advent.


A time to be still

Take a moment to be still and light a candle:

The light of Peace.

May Peace find you.


A time to pray together

We pray for all of humankind. That the frightened find safety, the hurt find healing, that the bullied find help, the whole earth find rest in your Peace, and we find ways to help these things to happen.

Peace, come and find us all!

May the God of Peace hear our prayers and help us be people of Christ's Peace. Amen


Peace this week

After supper each day this week, spend 30 minutes connecting with your friends or with yourself, without screens, or digital distractions. How does this kind of peace feel?