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Let Joy find me.

Let Joy find you.

Let Joy find us. 


Advent God, as the great feast of Christmas comes close sometimes we crowd out Joy with crankiness or busyness or a focus on our own wish list. Help delight in others. Fill us with the exuberance of generosity.

Come to us. Find us. Be with us.

Fill us with your Joy this Advent.


A time to be still

Take a moment to be still and light a candle:

The light of Joy.

May Joy find you.


A time to pray together

We pray for all of humankind. That the grouchy discover their hearts smiling, the mean think kind thoughts, those feeling low enjoy a big belly laugh! And we find ways to help these things to happen.

Joy, come and find us all!

May the Joyful God hear our prayers and help us be the people of Christ's Joy. Amen


Joy this week

You choose! A favourite recipe or a favourite song. Pick one and share with a stranger!