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Social Justice and Outreach Team is pleased to introduce Gillian McLeod, our new SJO Program Facilitator. 

Gillian comes to United Churches of Langley with a wealth of community experience and we are excited to move forward with her. 

Gillian McLeod is a trained Librarian and Social Justice Advocate who has felt "called" to public service in different ways throughout her career. She is the mother of four young adults, a cat and a dog and loves camping, reading, knitting, cooking and playing the piano. Any kind of music makes her heart sing, as does talking about theology!
Most recently, Gillian worked as Managing Director with First United Church Community Ministry Society and, prior to that, as the Social Planner in Delta, dealing with the marginalized populations in a growing city. 
Gillian grew up in United Churches all across Canada and is excited to bring her skills and energy to United Churches of Langley.

Let's welcome Gillian to UCoL!