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UCoL participation in the Starfish Pack program is continuing.

We thank you for your support and invite you to continue this Christian practice as we embark on our second year. It is through your generosity and the generosity of our partners that we can assure children will be nourished over weekends and will come to school Monday morning ready to learn. We have had very positive reports from the school principals and grateful parents that the Starfish Program made a real difference to the children we supported last year.

Launching our second year of the program, on this past Thanksgiving weekend, we delivered our first backpacks to Blacklock, Wix-Brown, and Glenwood Elementary Schools and we will be adding Nicomekl Elementary School this year.  We have made a commitment to our partners, the Langley School District Foundation, two Langley Rotary clubs and the Shewan Foundation and to the schools, to provide thirty (30) packs this year.

We are still gathering at Brookswood Secondary School with the students from the Leadership Program and other interested students, as well as their teacher Lenny Wun, to fill the packs ready for distribution to the schools by Dale Laycock.

Pledges and donations are welcome anytime.

For information about the program, please contact the church office.