The Season of Creation

In the very beginning of the bible in the book of Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth.

This Season of Creation can be a time where we reflect upon God's creations that are all around us. It's important to remember that we care for what God created.

Creation Story

Godly Play

I wonder what you're favourite part or day of the story is?

I wonder what day you are in or the day that is about you?

Exploring Creation
Scavenger Hunt

Creation is all around us as well as many times throughout the bible. It's not just the Creation Story at the beginning of the bible. Creation is in the story of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, and so much more!

This activity is a Creation themed scavenger hunt, enjoy!

Link to the Scavenger Hunt

Creation Rap

By Linnea Good

You've listened to the Creation story told through Godly Play earlier in this program. Now, enjoy this other way of telling this story, through a fun groovy rap!

Nature Mandalas
Spiritual Practice

You may remember in April we made Seed Mandalas. For this month’s program, our spiritual practice is similar but instead of seeds, you’ll be going out and collecting pieces of nature to create Nature Mandalas!

 Click the link below to be taken to the tutorial or to access mandala templates ↓

Link to Tutorial Mandala Templates